Transforming Italy in a modern country where everybody receives what he needs and nobody enjoys political advantages


Why the Germans should not help only the chosen ones

As possibly not too many abroad know, Italy has unemployment benefits only for those who had a job, something that is everything but common in the public administration, as these works as for life, and are obtained for political friendship (in the image from is “Cetto la Qualunque”, the national raw model of public administrator) and not certainly after a rigorous selection based on merits or necessities

as pointed out by Lynch (Lynch, Julia (2004), Italy: A Christian Democratic Welfare State?, Paper prepared for the Workshop “Religion and the Western Welfare State”, 30 April -1 May 2004, Max-Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Köln)

occupational social programs are also elderly-oriented because their core constituency of labor market insiders is an ageing one”

In fact, the most generous benefits (CIG and mobilità) go to older workers,

while among the 60 per cent of the unemployed in Italy who are under age 30, only 4 per cent receive unemployment insurance or assistance benefits

these data are now 11 years old, and the present situation is really dramatic for the young generations, as those under age of 30 are basically 100% unemployed

I do not see any reason why the Germans should pay for selected South European citizens, in the specific those with a fake job or those with a fake pension,  and leave the others with nothing

And more than that, why the Germans  do not ask to remove the many Cetto la Qualunque and the privileges of the few before offering a financial help?


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